The Department of Radio - diagnosis at Goyal Hospital & Urology Center is fully equipped with latest technologies to provide services par excellence round the clock. The department has a team of competent radiologists, technicians & staff to provide best services.  

Various investigations done by the Department of Radiodiagnosis include:

Conventional Radiology

The Hospital is well equipped with the latest X-ray unit for routine- X ray & various special investigations such as: Ba swallow, Ba meal, follow through studies, intra venous pyelography, urethrography, Micturating cystography etc.are done routinely.


The hospital is equipped with advanced colour Doppler machine Mindry M5 for Routine ultrasounds & Colour Doppler studies are performed.

Interventional procedures such as:

Ultrasound guided Renal biopsies, Abscess drainage are also performed.

Dr. Nitij Gupta     Dr.Sunit Aggarwal